The Book

This work explains personal retirement plans such as traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k), and 403(b) employer retirement plans, along with concepts such as tax deferral, pretax, and after-tax contributions, transfers, and retirement plan distribution strategies. Income taxes, capital gain taxes, and estate taxes are also made simple. Michael shows you how to maintain control over your team of advisors while getting the most out of professionals who serve you.

Having been a caregiver himself, learn from Michael how you can successfully navigate emotional concerns, preventing and reducing family arguments. Challenges faced by spouses, parents, adult children, caregivers, executors and administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries are highlighted to lighten your burden. Michael’s experience and education provide valuable insights for widows, widowers, and adult children suffering from the pain and fog of bereavement.

This unique book combines both helpful tips to solve thorny obstacles you face, without confusing legalese, with an understanding of the feelings individuals and families face on the path from wellness, to illness, death, and while tackling post-death estate settlement. This book fills a crucial unmet need enabling spouses, parents, and adult children to make wiser decisions while protecting those they love.

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